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Premier's Award  - Innovation 2006/2007

Project Overview Presentation


PROJECT DETAIL – PHASE 3 (completed)


Brake Check to Yoho National Park (Phase 3 East) and Golden Hill to West Portal (Phase 3 West)

Cost: $119 (BC $67 million/Canada $51.5 million/Town of Golden $0.57 million

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure completed conceptual planning studies and began preliminary engineering studies in 2004. In November 2007, the Governments of Canada and British Columbia announced joint funding for two segments of work under the new Building Canada infrastructure plan. Concepts and designs evolved with the assistance of public input, and construction took place as a series of projects.

There are now over 21 continuous kilometres of safe, reliable and modern highway through some of the most difficult terrain in the province, more than doubling what was previously completed in Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 3 West: Golden Hill to West Portal

Cost: $56 million

Construction resulting in 3.8 km of new 4-lane highway consisted of a number of projects, including:

Golden Hill fourth lane extension to the Highway 95 intersection was delivered largely by day labour, the Ministry’s process for hiring local workers and equipment directly. This work improved the safety and operations of the highway by widening the highway to create two westbound lanes down the Golden Hill

Golden Hill to West Portal Design-Build Project. This $27.2 million project, awarded to Emil Anderson Construction Ltd., involved constructing a new four-lane highway within the town of Golden to approximately 1.2 km east of Golden’s town limits. The design-build approach provided for quicker delivery of construction by combining the design stage and construction stage into a single contract. It enabled the contractor to tailor the delivery of the work to take greater advantage of design refinement and innovation opportunities during the construction stage. This section was opened to traffic in 2011 with improvements that included:

  • The new Golden Donald Upper Road interchange
  • Access consolidation
  • Pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • A wildlife crossing structure, wildlife fencing and ungulate guards

New cycling/pedestrian paved pathway on Golden Hill that runs for just over 1 kilometre alongside the highway from Golden Donald Upper Road to Station Avenue. The path, complete with a new lookout location, provides a safe connection between the lower and upper sections of Golden’s business and residential areas.

Intelligent Transportation System installations, consisting of a number of new and refurbished electronic message signs that provide timely information on traffic conditions through this Rocky Mountain section of the Trans-Canada Highway. Messages on the signs can be changed remotely as quickly as conditions change and the information is linked directly to the Drive BC system.

The 4-kilometre wall project, consisting of a 1.2 km section located 4 kilometres east of the Trans-Canada Highway/Highway 95 intersection in Golden included 4-laning, concrete median barrier, improved drainage, wildlife protection, retaining wall construction and re-vegetation. The new 4-lane section opened to traffic in fall 2013.

Grade Separation at Golden Donald Upper Road

4th Lane Golden Hill to West Portal


4 Kilometre Wall & Approaches - Looking West

4 Kilometre Wall & Approaches - Looking West


4 Kilometre Wall & Approaches - Looking East

4 Kilometre Wall & Approaches - Looking East


Golden Hill Path

Golden Hill Bike Path


Intelligent Transportation System

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Phase 3 East: Brake Check to Yoho National Park

Cost: $63 million

  • 4-lane upgrade of 8.8 km with concrete median barrier
  • New Mt. Hunter Creek Bridge, with special wildlife underpass 
  • Widened shoulders to accommodate cyclists
  • Overpass arrangement at Wapta/Beaverfoot Road
  • Access consolidation
  • Two wildlife crossings with fencing throughout

The highway improvements opened to traffic in fall 2010 and the wildlife features were completed in summer 2011. 

Bridge replacement at Mt Hunter Creek

Mount Hunter Creek Bridge


One of the wildlife overpasses on this section

Mount Hunter Creek Bridge

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