Kicking Horse Canyon Project



Premier's Award  - Innovation 2006/2007

Project Overview Presentation





The engineering and construction challenges in the Kicking Horse Canyon are immense. The area is subject to many rockslides, debris torrents and avalanches.

Improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway in the Kicking Horse Canyon are providing a safer and more efficient journey for all travelers, and a competitive corridor for the east-west movement of goods to ports. In addition, highway improvements will result in reduced vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and enhanced bicycle use and will thereby have a positive effect on the environment.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $776 million…a significant investment that reflects both the enormity of the task and the importance of the corridor. As such, Kicking Horse Canyon route improvements are being carried out in four major phases; three have been completed to date and the fourth phase has received funding approval from the provincial and federal governments.

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